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Government (Period 1)

Ms. Quinn Riddle-Ortiz
LL-ESAT Fall 2019
This course will give students the opportunity to learn and debate the basic functions of and how government, political parties, and elections work. In addition, students will evaluate the Constitutional powers and rights that President, Congress, Supreme Court and individuals in America have, as well as the impact of current events and policies on their everyday lives. They will apply their understandings by conducting a Mock Election and presenting information about candidates running for office in the 2019 primaries to the community at ESAT's history night.    


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Past Assignments


Gov HWK Cal. 12.9-12.20.19


Final Study Guide

Answer Qs…Due day of final

Period 1: 12/9

Period 2 & 4: 12/10


Directions: The final is cumulative—that is, it will cover ALL material from semester 1. Review your Unit 1 Exam because all that material will come up again on the final, PLUS what we covered in Unit 2. Answer at least 2 questions from each section below on separate paper/document, using examples, discussing key terms from your unit map, and details.

Study your answers to these questions, quiz yourself or a peer--It is your responsibility to prepare for the final.


The final will consist of approximately 50 MC questions, many may include a stimulus (graph or text) that you will have to analyze in order select the best answer. Taking the time to answer the questions below in depth will help prepare you for this feat!


GOV Unit 2 Hwk Calendar– Nov.17-Dec. 7


5th Democratic Debate

DUE: Period 1, 3, & 5à12/2, DUE: Period 2 & 4à12/3

Please email to or print it out to hand in. 2 links to the debate are below...just in case one doesn't work!


History Night Project Instructions
DUE Dates Vary, check front of packet.
Digital Fact Sheets (EACH person please make a copy, save to your google drive, and edit--share w/Ms. Riddle by due date):
Digital Media Sheets (EACH person please make a copy, save to your google drive, and edit--share w/Ms. Riddle by due date):
Group Research Stations—Research & Background for History Night
(ONE group member please make a copy, save to your google drive, SHARE W/ALL GROUP MEMBERS, and edit--share (one packet) w/Ms. Riddle by due date):


Gov HWK Calendar 11.3-11.16.19


Voter Registration
Proof DUE 11.14 (Period 1), 11.15 (Period 2 & 4), 11.21 (AP)

Complete option 1 or 2


Unit 2: CHAPTER 10: Political Parties Due! Period 1: 11/4, Periods 2 & 4: 11/5


Gov. HWK Calendar 10.20-11.2.19


Gov - Ch. 6 – Political Socialization Project

Political Socialization, Ideology, &/or Public Opinion

Final Project Due 10/30

HARD copy, printed and submitted at the beginning of class

No late work will be accepted.


Reg. Gov. HWK Calendar 10.6-10.19.19 UPDATED


Ch. 6 Study Guide
Extension--> Due 10/10 for period 1
10/11 for period 2 & 4


Gov HWK Calendar 9.22-10.5


Unit 1 Exam Review Guide 2019


Review Study Guide Qs for Unit 1 Exam!!


Gov Hwk Calendar 9.9-9.21.19 UPDATED


Unit 1-Ch. 1 Study Guide 


Constitutional Questions Debate

DEBATE-Period 1: 9.12.19

DEBATE-Period 2 & 4: 9.13.19

Annotated Instructions DUE

Per.1-9/3, Per. 2&4-9/4


Gov Hwk Calendar 8.25-9.7.19


REG GOV. Per 1 DUE 9/5

REG GOV. Per 2 & 4 DUE 9/6


Extra Credit Assignment

Hamilton & Unit 1 Review

Reg. Gov. Period 1-DUE 9/3, Period 2&4-DUE 9/4 at the start of class

AP Gov. DUE 9/5 at the start of class

Please email to or print it out to hand in.

Directions: Listen to at least five songs from the Original soundtrack/Broadway musical Hamilton (available on Spotify) and make connections between the songs to 10 or more key terms from your unit 1 map. Please note, there is some mature content within the play/some songs. The album is composed of two disks, choices that have heavily gov’t related material include:

Disk #1: 1-8, & 23

Disk #2: 1-3, 5, 7-8, 11, 19

  • For each song you choose, discuss the key term(s) that relate, provide definitions, how each term connects to the song, theme, and/or story, & their significance…why any of it matters!
  • Underline/bold/highlight the key terms in your
  • Make sure you discuss a minimum of 10 key terms Some songs may just be related to one term, while other songs hit many.
  • Your analysis of the FIVE songs and TEN terms should be at least 1 page in length (typed double space, font 12) OR hand written, 2 pages


Gov Hwk Calendar 8.12-23


Unit 1 (Ch. 2 & Intro to Gov.) Mastery Questions-Study Guide


Period 1: 8/22/19

Period 2 & 4: 8/23/19


Please read syllabus online, & get last page of syllabus signed :) A hard copy of the syllabus to get  signed has been provided for you, and is in the back of the packet. 
For translation into Spanish, please copy and paste portions of the text to