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Virtual History Night

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Students were given the opportunity to impact the upcoming general election Nov. 3rd, by 1) research about various candidates and propositions that will be on California's upcoming ballot AND 2) create an informational video to teach about the issues to share with the ESAT community.


Beside selecting the next President of the US, on the ballot this November voters in many districts will get to select candidates to fill seats in the State Assembly & State Senate, the House of Representatives, choose state judges, vote on a dozen propositions. In this election we also get to vote on the next District Attorney for Los Angeles --considering the BLM movement and protests about police brutality these past six months, selecting judges and a District Attorney (DA) is MAJOR. The DA’s duties typically include reviewing police arrest reports, deciding whether to bring criminal charges against arrested people, and prosecuting criminal cases in courtDescription of items on this November's ballot:


  • The House of Representatives/Congress makes laws that impact the entire country AND influence US foreign policy. They voted to impeach the president, although the Senate did not remove him, and all tax/appropriations bills originate in the House. The Speaker of the House (voted on by the majority party) is third in succession for the Presidency. 


  • Electing lawmakers in the State Legislature-the State Assembly and the State Senate. Think of the State Legislature, as California’s Mini-Congress, the State Senate is OUR “Senate” and the State Assembly as OUR “House of Representatives”. These two legislative bodies create the laws that impact ALL Californians. Example, they were the ones who came up with the law declaring California a Sanctuary state. 20 of California’s State Senate seats are up for grabs, as are all 80 State Assembly seats & this March we nominate who will run for those offices.


  • WHO will be the next president will be decided in this upcoming election!

  • Voters get to vote on actual laws—it’s our one chance to participate in a direct democracy! The propositions that will be on the 2020 ballot include whether we should end cash bail requirements or allow cities in California to enact rent control. In the past, California voters have legalized recreational marijuana (proposition 64, 2016) and required farmers to give more space to caged animals like pigs, hens, and calves (proposition 12, 2018)