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The end of the year approaches and (senior committee?) needs your help in collecting memories from your time here at ESAT to use in upcoming celebrations. They are creating a slideshow reflecting on freshman to senior year
Also, because of technical issues and possible voter fraud, please REVOTE for Student Government Officers THIS FRIDAY using THIS LINK:


AP Semester 2-2017

Ms. Riddle--Updated


Teacher email:

AP Office Hours & Tutoring: Monday 3:30-4:30 VDK 101

April 6th before 7:45am-FINAL CAP research paper handed into Ms. Riddle-Ortiz

NO papers will be excepted AFTER 7:45am, no exceptions. Please get to school early to ensure you meet the deadline OR print and turn in the day before. Ask advisor to print your FINAL paper for you a day or two before to avoid ANY issues with meeting the deadline. Relying on school printer to print out your FINAL CAP paper the morning it’s due (with over 140 seniors) is a terrible idea!!


AP Mock Exam (Equivalent to 2nd semester final) date Wednesday, April 26th after school 1:45-4:30pm

This exam will be summative and cumulative of all AP content we’ve reviewed for the year.

Snack donations welcomed!


May 4th, Thurs. 8am College Board AP Gov’t and Politics Exam


Mandatory AP Review

If you plan to be/are absent from ANY of the following days below, a note is required from a parent/guardian or teacher explaining why or administrative actions (parent/meeting with principal) will be taken.


  • Monday, March 20th, 3:30-5:00pm (Unit 1-Constitutional Foundations)
  • Saturday, March 25th, 10am-12pm (Unit 2- Political Beliefs, Behaviors, and Parties)
  • Monday, March 27th, 3:30-5pm (Unit 3- Money, Media, & Elections)
  • Saturday, April 1st, 10am-12pm (Unit 4-The President & the Bureaucracy)
  • Monday, April 3rd, 3:30-5pm (Unit 5-Congress)
  • Monday, April 24th, 3:30-5pm (Unit 6: The Supreme Court, Civil Liberties and Rights)
  • Monday, May 1st, 3:30-5pm (ALL Units Review + Returned Mock Exam)

Saturday Tutoring times CHANGED 10pm-12pm

All days are the same, but tutoring had to be moved to 10-12pm as admin will not be present on campus after that. Thanks, hope to see you all there.