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Senior Legacy Research Paper

At this point, everyone who sent me an on time, accessible research paper should have received feedback. If you did not receive feedback its because you did not send me your paper at all, or on time, or I cannot open it and you have not responded to my requests.
Please make sure to have your FINAL research papers emailed to me by 7:30am Thursday April 9th. SUBJECT: Final CAP Senior Legacy Research Paper

Visitor Wednesday 10/15/14

Ladies and gentlemen...I just received word Friday after lunch that a gubernatorial candidate will be coming Wednesday 10/15/14 in to speak with periods 3 & 2! 
His name is Neel Kashkari...he is a challenger running against current incumbent governor Jerry Brown. 
PER 2: Please instead of Ch.11 & the Edmodo post, study him, come prepared to ask him questions about where he stands on issues YOU care about!
1) he has already served in government as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, worked under Hank Paulson during the economic meltdown, develop and oversaw TARP (the bail out). Obama kept him on four six months because his role was so important in maintaining stability in the transition. And, 2) of course, he’s now running for Governor.

PER 3: the Edmodo Post is still due, but please make sure to review the links below and come prepared. 

PER 6: I completely forgot to give you the study guide, so you lucked out. 
If you already answered the Edmodo question or read Ch.11, awesome, you're ahead of the game! Even though you won't be able to see the guest speaker, please read the links below to learn more about the governor race in this upcoming election. 

What if I missed the Parties Socratic Seminar/Debate?

You will need to write a 2 page essay making the claim on the topic/question you were assigned. This can be found in your period's HW page. 


-2pgs typed, emailed or handed in (4 pages hand written)

-12 font, double space ok

3 pieces of evidence to support your claim


Needs to be submitted by 4pm 10/10/14

Groups for Socratic Seminar/Debate 10/10/14

Per 6

Hector, Maria, Kathy, Vanessa (Q2: Not Democratic)

Evelyn, Geo, Genesis F, Jessie (Q2: Democratic)

Raymond, Ninfa, Christian (Q3: Agree)

Christina, Alex, Kenia, Katrina (Q3: Disagree)

Miguel, Sidney, Baylee, Ronald (Q5: Agree)

Adriana, Jorge, Kharla, Ben (Q5: Disagree)

Dale, Kate, Florian (Q7: Disagree)

Victoria, Alicia, Susana (Q7: Agree)

Karina, Alfredo, Erick, Brisya (Q10: More Democratic)

Aaron, Genesis M, Rudy, Grecia (Q10: More Difficult)

Missing Classwork? Need to review?

If you've been absent (or lost) 9/18 to 10/3, please...

1) Log onto Edmodo--> Go to the folder named "Why do people join political parties? Do political parties strengthen or divide America?" 

2) Choose the Political Parties ppt 9.18 to 10/3

3) Review the material and links; complete the Do Nows, Exit Slips, & Stations.