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Alumni Resources » Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to apply to FAFSA every year and if so when do I need to apply to FAFSA?

Yes, in order to receive financial aid you must submit a FAFSA application every year. FAFSA applications open up from October 1st - June 30th. Keep in mind it is best to do your FAFSA earlier than later.


Where do I get mine and my parent’s Tax Transcripts from?

If your school is requesting your parents' tax transcripts you will have to go to Follow the instructions and provide your parent's information.

If your school is requesting your tax transcripts and you worked and filed taxes you will also have to go to Follow the instructions and provide your information. However, if you did not work or worked, but did not file taxes, you won’t have a tax transcript. When you turn in your dependency verification form that request should be waived.


Where can I view the information that I previously reported on my FAFSA?

When you log into your FAFSA you will see the link underneath that says SAR. When you click on the link it will take you to the summary page of the information you previously submitted on your FAFSA. I suggest looking at the SAR before submitting your FAFSA again, unless, significant changes occurred to your parents' income. 


Can I make corrections on my FAFSA?

After you submit your FAFSA you can always log back in and make corrections at any time after your application has been processed. Keep in mind you won't have the option to make corrections before your application is processed.


How do I apply to Community Colleges?

Check out this video we put together for your reference.

Applying to Community Colleges in California

Do I get a new LACCD (Los Angeles Community College District) ID when I apply to another community college within the LA area?

No, when you apply to one community college under the Laccd umbrella your ID number stays the same and follows you. Therefore, SAVE YOUR STUDENT ID! Some schools under LACCD: ELAC, LACC, LATTC, LA Valley, Pierce College and etc.


How do I request my High School Transcript?

For alumni that graduated between 2013-2019 please click on the following link and fill out the google doc. Click Here!


For alumni that graduated in 2020 and for the classes that follow you will have to use the following link to request transcripts.