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General College Information

Academic & Financial Aid Probation

As a college student, you are expected to do well in your classes in order to stay eligible for financial aid and so you can continue to attend that college. If you get placed on Academic or Financial Aid Probation you will need to get in touch with your Academic and Financial Aid counselor. Usually, that will be two different people. Check your school website for more information about how to get into contact with a counselor at your college.

Leave of Absence

Colleges understand that family issues or special circumstances come up and you are unable to continue going to classes for a period of time. DON’T WORRY, you do not need to drop out of college! Seek out help with your academic advisor and financial aid office. They will be able to help you turn in the necessary LEAVE OF ABSENCE paperwork. After your leave of absence you’ll be able to resume taking classes at your college, but please communicate with the needed offices if you need to extend your leave absence. 

Vocational Certificate, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Master’s Degree Explained:

A Vocational Certificate is meant to teach you the hands-on skills that you will use in your future job. Ex: if you go into a vocational program for automotive technology, you will literally be fixing cars as part of your learning. Common vocational programs include cosmetology, auto tech, welding, dental technicians, culinary arts, or nursing assistants.

An Associate’s Degree is a type of undergraduate degree you can earn at a community college. You can think of it as a mini-bachelor’s degree. This degree can help you get an entry-level job in certain industries.

A Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) is a type of degree that students attain after four or more years of study. When you receive your Bachelor’s Degree you will need to focus on a major to study. This will sometimes be referred to as an undergraduate degree.

A Master’s Degree (MA or MS) is a more specialized degree. You will have to attain a bachelor’s degree before you apply to a Master’s program. Some careers require you to get a Master’s Degree. You should do a lot of research on which programs you are interested in. 

California College Promise 

For eligible California residents, the California Community Colleges Promise Grant permits enrollment fees to be waived. (Assistance for the purchase of books and supplies must be applied for separately.) Many California community colleges offer online California College Promise Grant applications through CCCApply. When you use these financial aid online applications, the data you've entered in CCCApply will be transferred automatically, making your financial aid application much easier and faster. 

Click this link for more information about the CALIFORNIA COLLEGE PROMISE

Los Angeles College Promise

The Los Angeles College Promise (LACP) serves first-time, full-time college students. It is designed to support students to complete a higher education degree and/or a workforce certificate. It is a partnership between Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the City of Los Angeles, LA Chamber of Commerce, UNITE LA, and private philanthropy.


Click this link for more information about the LOS ANGELES COLLEGE PROMISE

Keep in mind that GCC & PCC are not in the Los Angeles Community College District. However, they do have their own type of promise.

Withdrawing from classes

Starting college and or registering for classes can be intimidating, but DON’T WORRY! If you are hesitant about any classes that you registered for you can always withdraw from them before a certain deadline (check your student portal for date). Also, note that when you receive a W it won’t affect your GPA!