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Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy

To provide our students with the best possible education, Environmental Science and Technology High School has adopted a Tolerate No Tardies (TNT) Policy.  In accordance with the ESAT Compact which states “students can and will achieve when there is a collaborative effort between staff, administrators, parents and students…” students and parents are expected to plan their time effectively in order for students to be ready to learn and be in their seat at 7:45am.


It is our belief that each child should be entitled to maximum instructional time each day, each period; therefore a tardy policy will be implemented which supports and reinforces our school’s mission. The following consequences are in place for tardiness:

1st & 2nd offense- unexcused tardy: notice/ warning to student and parents


3rd offense- unexcused tardy: detention, loss of next free dress opportunity


NOTE: four detentions stemming from tardies is considered a level B offense    


Under the Tolerate No Tardies Policy a student who is not sitting in class by 7:45am is considered tardy.  All tardy students should report to the office for a tardy slip prior to going to class.