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School Policies » Be Green!!!

Be Green!!!

Be Green!!!

At Alliance ESAT High School, we are proud of our building and all of its special features.  We are particularly proud that the school will be environmentally friendly, creating much of its own energy.

All ESAT students, faculty, and staff are expected to help conserve energy and resources:

§  Recycle! Blue bins are available in all classrooms. You can recycle all glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum in these bins.

§  Prevent a build up of plastic water bottles! Bring a reusable aluminum bottle to school with you instead.

§  Conserve Water! Make sure you turn off any faucets you use, and report any leaks to the main office right away!

§  Conserve Energy!

·      Make sure computers and laptops are set to hibernate when not in use. At the end of the day, make sure all computers are turned off.

·      Make sure classroom lights are turned off when you leave the room.

§  Conserve Paper! Re-use scrap paper to make quick notes or for art projects. Check your email regularly so your teachers do not have to print all assignments. 

Carpool, walk, or ride your bike to school!