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School Policies » Detention Policy

Detention Policy

ESAT Detention Policy


Alliance ESAT students are expected to adhere to all expectations as outlined in the Alliance ESAT Code of Conduct.  Any Alliance ESAT teacher, member of office staff, or administrator may assign a student to detention when a violation of the Code of Conduct occurs.  Behaviors, which may result in detention, include, but are not limited to:


·        Classroom disturbance

·        Eating and/or chewing gum in class

·        Failure to follow directions

·        Horseplay/pushing/throwing/running/yelling

·        Cheating (if assigned to detention by Honor Council)

·        Inappropriate use of technology and telecommunications

·        Coming to class without proper materials

·        Excessive tardiness to school or class


Students will be notified of their assigned detention date/time. Parents will also be notified with a phone call both the day before and the day of the assigned detention. Detention will occur on the following days of the week:


  • Tuesday, 6:30am – 7:30am
  • Thursday, 6:30am – 7:30am
  • Saturday, 8:00am – 9:00am


Detention will be silent time and overseen by an Alliance ESAT staff member.  Absolutely no talking is permitted in the detention room. 


Starting Detention


·      As students arrive for detention they will line up outside Lecture Hall doors and wait for instructor.

·       The door supervisor will notify students to be quiet as they enter detention.  They should go directly to a specified seat, filling in from the front, and begin their think sheet immediately. 

·      Supervisor will check think-sheet and/or work before allowing students to leave detention.


During Detention


Acceptable things to do during detention include:

  • reading
  • working on homework


The following are unacceptable things to do during detention:

  • sleeping and/or head down on the desk
  • tagging/drawing
  • writing letters or notes
  • communication with others students (verbal, written, telecommunication)
  • listening to iPod or other music playing device


Consequences / Follow-up


Students must attend detention when it is assigned, if a student is unable to attend for any reason they must speak to an administrator.  Failure to attend detention on assigned date/time or check in with administrator will result in an administrator follow-through with student.


·      1st consequence = verbal warning

·      2nd consequence = parent conference

·      3rd consequence = in-school suspension


Students will not be allowed to change uniform the following school year if they have any owed detentions.