Alliance Leichtman-Levine Environmental Science High School

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Carolina B., 10th Grade Featured Photo

Carolina B., 10th Grade

"ESAT is a GREAT school, teachers and staff are very welcoming and encouraging. ESAT has many opportunities to including a variety of after school clubs and sports. Not only that but they also have rewards systems to encourage students throughout their week."
Evan P., 10th Grade Featured Photo

Evan P., 10th Grade

"I can honestly say that ESAT has been the best school I’ve been to for multiple reasons...ESAT has college classes for grades 9-12 that grant college credits that would help their education throughout high school and prepare them for life after high school."
Eva C., 9th Grade Featured Photo

Eva C., 9th Grade

"I cannot be happier with my experience here... everyone is pretty nice and welcoming.... I play volleyball at ESAT and the amount of friends you make on a sports team is a great way to come into the school and make friends."
Marcos L., 12th Grade Featured Photo

Marcos L., 12th Grade

“This small school truly embodies the essence of community and development... you can feel the warm, inclusive atmosphere... It's a place where education is not just about academics but also about personal growth.”
Emma S., 12th Grade Featured Photo

Emma S., 12th Grade

"There is a strong and united community here. The staff and teachers here are truly committed to providing the best possible education and learning environment for every student."
Emily C., 11th Grade Featured Photo

Emily C., 11th Grade

“I can say that despite it being a small school, it has a great community and is welcoming to new students. Counselors and Staff provide sources for mental health and you’re able to come to them about anything. Cool school with calm environment.”
Natalie G., 10th Grade Featured Photo

Natalie G., 10th Grade

"ESAT is a school that truly stands out, offering quality education, fostering a vibrant community, and empowering students for a bright future."

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