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The Reyna



I am very excited and proud to be in my 8th year here at ESAT!  


Before ESAT, I attended UC Santa Cruz as an undergraduate, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics.  Subsequently, I attended a teaching credential/Master's Degree in Education dual program UC Santa Cruz, and finally a Master's Degree/Administrative Credential at CSUN.

Teaching Experience

Year 1:  I taught ACT Prep and one period of Algebra I.  I also co-led the GSA Club with Ms. Amado and a Music Club during second semester.  I thoroughly enjoyed the year, and some of the highlights include going to see "Bully" with the GSA and performing with students at the ESAT talent show.  

Year 2: I taught Statistics and Algebra 2, and thoroughly enjoyed teaching both classes for the first time.  I am a huge fan of Statistics in general, so it's a joy to share the knowledge with students.  Other fantastic memories include: Chaperoning grad nite, Prom, college field trips, and the talent show!

Year 3:  I taught Statistics, Algebra 2 (Co-taught with the resource teacher Ms. Singh), and Social Issues.  It was a very challenging but rewarding year.  One of my favorite memories was starting the BAND club. We practiced about once per week throughout the year and played at many events including the Winter Carnival, the Love In, Open Mic Night, and Talent Show.  The hardest part was saying goodbye to my lovely advisory!

Year 4:  I got to finally teach Yearbook and we had a fantastic time. I also piloted the brand new Common Core Honors Math 2/3 course, which was both challenging and exciting.  Lastly, I continued teaching Statistics.  

Year 5:  Said hello to a new 11th grade advisory, Continued teaching yearbook, which was great once again.  Also taught Honors Math 2/3 and Statistics again.  It was another eventful year leading up to yet another awesome grad nite!

Year 6:  I taught 3 periods this year as I transitioned into the Director of instruction role.  The Honors math 3/Precalculus class was one of the most enjoyable, fast paced classes I've ever taught, and we had enough traditions/inside jokes to write a book. 

Year 7:  This was my first year as assistant principal.  We restarted the BAND club and it was a very fulfilling year supporting teachers, our restorative justice discipline program, as well as being the testing coordinator. 

Year 8: This year I'm continuing to do the same things as Year 7, as well as co-facilitating STUDENT GOV and our weekly video news program GRIZZLY NEWS.  I love ESAT and hope to continue the journey here as we move past our 10th year in operation.  

Personal Information

I am an optimistic person, and I am ecstatic to be part of the field of education.  Outside of work, I like listening to/playing music (Indie music in general), watching films/documentaries, reading, listening to podcasts, cooking, and playing music with friends. I also love the Dodgers, going on hikes, traveling, and taking pictures with my camera.  


I want to encourage my students to have a respect for learning and the importance of college readiness.  College is wonderful because it opens up so many paths that one may not even have conceived of before.  I  also want all students to feel cared about.  I value all of my students greatly and I want them to see the potential in themselves!